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Related article: Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 08:11:38 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray nad jay 26"Adventures of Tray and Jay 26"PART 26: TRAY AND JOSH IN THE GARDENI guess I never said what I do to make money. It's going to sound stupid, like how can anyone make a living that way, but I'm good at it so it pays the rent. I'm a gardener. That's how I stay sane and keep a nice tan all year, see. No one I work for, mostly old ladies, gives a fuck if I push the lawn mower or get on my damn hands and knees digging weeds or trim the bushes in nothing but my skimpy shorts, and I like it fine that way. Of course, now that I'm about to graduate high school and move on to college life, who knows what's in store for me. It's kind of scary, see, Lolitas Bbs I've been doing the garden scene a long time. Not to mention high school. The last four Lolitas Bbs years were like forever.I was on my knees in the front yard, my ass comfortable on my heels, soaking up the rays and pruning old Mrs. Weatherby's prize roses. The hairs on the back of my neck tingled, and my dick stretched in my shorts, and since I wasn't wearing anything underneath there was plenty of room for that bad boy to play. I looked up and wiped the sweat off my brow and saw this beautiful kid staring at me from across the street.Well, hell, it doesn't hurt to smile, right? He was about average height for 14, 5'8" or so, really hot, muscular but still boyish, 150? His black hair was short and cropped the way that makes my cock frisky every time. When he saw my smile was directed at his cute ass, he looked away real fast, busted!I dropped the clippers and threw my arms over my head and stretched real good, see, arching way back over my legs so my whole taut body tensed even more and felt so nice and cool all sweaty in the cool breeze. My pecker got longer and poked out the short right leg. I saw the kid squint and take a closer look down there.Then he just sort of wandered across the quiet street like a tomcat, trying not to look at me the whole time, at Lolitas Bbs least, and I went all the way hard, see. All the way! Man, I dig that feeling. It goes right to my over-horny head, my other one, Lolitas Bbs I mean."Hey," I said when he acted like he was just passing."Hey," he said back and grinned boyishly, then ran the fingers of one soft hand through his hair so I saw the shiny, bristly wave as he paused to scratch. He had baggy shorts and a tank top, and a lot of real dark pit hair. Jay's not the only bastard who likes armpits! I scratched myself through my shorts and gave the kid an excuse to Lolitas Bbs stare there some more.Well, he looked faint and blinked hard, and his mouth opened wider, so I jumped up and was at his side real fast, see. You bet I was. I wanted to touch him so bad anyway, so while his eyes were closed I took his arm in one hand and his shoulder in the other, and he focused on me all startled."Oh!" he gasped. Oh, my God, I wanted to kiss his wet lips and smooth face right there! His eyes were piercing green. They sure pierced me, anyway. "Sorry, dude, I don't know what came over me.""It's natural, man. I see it all the time."Then he looked at me real funny, and his pretty eyes dropped lower fast and saw my red cockhead out the leg off my shorts. Oops! He swallowed and licked those rosy lips of his that were way better than Mrs. Weatherby's prizes. No contest."Come around back, man, you can have some water from the hose." I tugged at his elbow, and he followed me, a little nervous. As well he should be, even if he didn't have a clue what I wanted. He was so sweet, he kind of reminded me of Jay, so I just said it by the side of the house. "You really remind me of my little bro, Jay."The boy stopped on a damn dime and stared at me with this weird little grin. "Jay?" he asked softly.I nodded, then shook my head. "No way," is all I said, but I cracked a big-ass smile, and he covered his mouth with his hand and giggled."Oh, shit!" he breathed through his fingers. "You're � Tray?""Yep. I taught him everything he knows, man.""Yeah, I heard. I'm Josh. Was there anything � you know � you might have left out?"Well, fuck me silly! There was the hottest come-on line I ever heard, if ever I heard one! I started breathing real hard and checking Josh's athletic bod all the way up and down, and he had a nice boner tenting out there in front of my happy eyes. I cocked my head at him, and he followed me around to the back porch."Here's the hose," I said gently and picked it up and turned the water on kind of hard, the stream, I mean. I held it up for Josh and watched in awe as he bent and stuck out his wet tongue and closed his eyes to drink. My free hand went on its own to the fuzzy back of his neck, and he didn't flinch that time.I couldn't take my eyes off Josh's hot Adam's apple bobbing there as the water made its way down his hairless throat, and my hand moved from his neck down his back to the bare stretch of skin where I saw a jockstrap sticking out, and I felt a gob of my precum squirt out onto my exposed leg as I snuck my fingers easily under the band and saw Josh shiver and turn his little bubble butt for me to play with it.I lost it and doused his head good with the water, and when Josh broke out in the sweetest boy laughter I ever heard, I swear, I stepped back and stuck my thumb over the nozzle and sprayed him all over! He giggled and jumped and soaked it all up, and I laughed real nasty and licked my lips and felt my bone lose control and stretch all the way out of my shorts, then jab up.Josh saw it and stopped cold, staring. Fuck! His tank top clung to his heaving chest and washboard belly so his pink, hairless boy skin looked almost naked. I dropped the hose, and he bent to turn it off, and I moved right over to his tight butt and gave it a good squeeze. Josh turned and hugged me so damn innocently I closed my eyes and savored every bit of his dripping wet warmth and firmness against me and in my arms.My cock throbbed against Josh's chest, he was that much shorter, and he made a cool sound in his throat and dropped to his knees. He turned those sexy green eyes up to me for approval, and I could only grin, so he did too and explored me with his silky hands. Oh, my God, I gasped and shuddered and ran my fingers, all of them, through his soaking black hair while he stroked my naked dick and tickled my hairy leg.The feel of his hand going up into my furry, sweaty nuts and cupping them drove me so insane I took his head and ground myself into his face! I couldn't stop myself, and Josh whimpered and opened his hot mouth and bit me through the thin fabric, making it dark wet with his spit. Then he ducked lower and took half my cock in his slick mouth, and I thought, thank God Mrs. Weatherby's gone for a few days because I'd be doing it with Josh anyway, see.Josh was one awesome cocksucker. He went slow and easy, his eyelashes fluttering, his tongue loving my rock hard shaft, licking, flicking, tasting me, always going further down but not in a hurry, see, until somehow he had my whole 7" down his talented young throat and just stopped there to let it get real comfortable. I twitched in him, and he chuckled again so I felt him vibrate."Wait, Josh, I'm gonna � I'm gonna shoot, kid! Stop!"But instead, Josh grabbed my ass with both hands and dug in with his fingers and opened his eyes to look up at me as I gaped and shuddered off in him and saw his gorgeous green eyes sparkle at me! What a hot motherfucker! Oh, shit! I blew the big one right down his throat and staggered back a little, but Josh held on and worked his mouth up and down my jumping prick, tasting more of my load still shooting into him.Finally it stopped, and Josh was happy down there, but I reached under his wet, furry pits and pulled him up to me and dove into his spit-slick mouth with mine, and we both fought for control of the other's mouth with our erect tongues, it was wild! I moved him steadily over to the pool, undressing him as we went, and reached blindly for his cock. I groaned in shock when my hand found his slender 8" boy wonder, and he made the hottest needful sound in his throat and chest, see, and kicked off his sandals.I pulled my face off his and saw his sweet disappointment, then pushed him hard backward and watched him flail into the cool pool and splash all over the place. While he was sputtering up for air, outraged, I stripped in one easy motion and dove in and under his ass! I came up behind him while he wiped the water from his face and surprised him good with a finger up his crack and my mouth on the side of his neck!"Fucking awesome, dude!" Josh yelled and turned to wrap his arms around me again. We kissed real hot and steamy then, treading water, our bones playing under water, then Josh wrapped his legs around my waist, and we went under and smiled at each other with our eyes open, and Josh even went down on me again somehow. I guess eagerness is all it takes in any situation, see!We went back up for air and gasped it in and swam back to shallow water where we stood with only our lower legs underwater, and that's when I went down on Josh for the first time and licked his spunky, hairy balls until he arched his back and giggled and shook. I sucked on the soft insides of his legs and made him squirm for real, and when he turned in overwhelmed excitement I got up and behind his ass and pushed him easy to the side of the pool, where I bent him over and humped his nice firm crack!But I guess Josh had other ideas! He reversed me out of nowhere, and I was bent over the side, and he was down on his knees EATING me! Oh, sweet fuck! Josh was so good! He had no hesitation at all, he just went for it and slurped my butt and worked one finger, then two, inside me and kept eating my funky ass the whole time. I stretched my arms out over the cement and got off on the feel of that boy's eager mouth up my hole and the warm sun on my backside.Then Josh jumped out and pulled on my arms until I was out, too, and he rolled me over and went down on his hands and knees over me and 69d my startled ass! He thrust his stud cock in my mouth and fucked my face feverishly, in and out at his own pace, fuck me, and he was too short to get to my prick but who cared! He made up for it by sucking on my belly button and squeezing my balls with his great boy hands, and that's when he tightened up all over and squirted off in my mouth!I laughed and sucked and used my tongue even more and tasted his man juice spill out in me on and fucking on, the boy was full of the thick, creamy, wild essence of man, and I got drunk off it, see, stinking drunk! I couldn't ever get enough of his nut cream! At last it stopped, unfortunately, and I sighed in disappointment. He lay on his side so I could keep servicing him, though, and I did, you bet your ass!If it's possible, Josh got even harder in my mouth as I wouldn't stop, and he thrust it again, faster and faster, and grabbed my head with one hand while he leaned on his other elbow and just fucked the shit out of my nasty teen face! Oh, my God, he humped my brains out, literally! And after a couple of minutes he seized up again and exploded with sperm again, and I pulled his narrow butt in and took his whole 8" all the way while he twitched off like crazy and filled me with another load of his spunk!Holy shit! What a damn firecracker! Man!Well, he was way too hyper to stay still, that wild boy, so he jumped up and saw a towel on a lawn chair and spread it over the grass and pointed � pointed! � at it until I crawled over and lay on my stomach. Like there was any doubt what that little man had in his fucking dirty mind! Fuck, right!He dropped to his knees and crawled up between my legs, spreading them like an expert with his, and squeezed my butt cheeks nice and hard, letting his fingers probe into my crack and strum my puckered hole like a guitar string!"Fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck!" I yelled, and Josh laughed real manly, deep and throaty, before he bent over without warning and ate me again, only real wicked, see, jabbing his face in and out, teasing me with his firm tongue, biting me even on my crack somehow, almost drawing blood from the tender inside of my cheeks, and I had to have it! Oh, yeah, I needed every bite and lick and slurp that boy stud gave me!I was his, see. He knew it damn well.Josh stopped eating me out too soon and leaned over my backside and lowered himself, sliding up and down over my naked body until his dripping dick nestled in my butt and Lolitas Bbs his drying, red hot 14-year-old body pressed down on me, all over, and I bit my lip and closed my eyes and waited for him to take me. Part of me couldn't believe I was so submissive for a damn 14-year-old, see, but more of me badly needed a fucking, and Josh was a nasty bastard at heart, however cute and sweet his face!"Take me, man, take my tight ass, boy, whatever you want, Josh, I'm"FUCK! The little devil rammed it in me totally by surprise! He took me at my word and went for exactly what he wanted, I guess, anyway he was all the way in me, way up my burning guts, pumping his pecker in and out all insane and fast and real adolescent enthusiastic, okay, like only a newcomer to sex can pull off! Animal, passionate fucking like he did to my ass in that beautiful back yard that warm pre-summer day is the realm of horny little boys, see, I know!Josh let go all the way and dropped his whole weight on me and rammed his long dick in and out, over and over, for about ten ecstatic minutes for both of us, see, we both got exactly what we wanted and needed so bad it was wicked! Josh fucked me with an intensity and duration I never knew before! He wasn't the biggest by far, but he was the randiest, for sure � hot as a three-dollar pistol, as my grand-dad used to say.When he fired off in me the third time, his arms up under my pits and wrapped around my neck, his fingers laced like he's pinning my faggot ass to the ground and raping me, as if I need to be raped, which I guess I did � anyway, he grunt-groaned off into the back of my head, spraying me with his hot breath and spit in ragged gasps, gulping for air like he was suffocating, and burying his amazing boy cock way deep where no 8" thing should be able to go!When he was spent, but still hard as hell, he settled down on top of me panting and laughing until his happiness turned to outright laughter, and he arched his back and poked his rod further up my shoot, twitching the last of his third load of sperm into me."Just exactly who's giving who lessons, boy?" I grinned at him when he rolled off onto his back, shiny with sweat now instead of pool water."HUH!" he grunted and threw his arms back over his head so I had to dive into those funky dark forests of his pits, and I made him squirm powerlessly. I lay on top of him and we kissed again, for the longest time. Josh never got soft or tired of smooching, see, he was a horny little fucking sex machine. We took each other in our arms again and got off on our total hardness joined together.That's when I dropped down to his nasty after-fucking cock and sniffed it, and licked it, and he tried to stop me, like he had his limits, right, but I was stronger and held him down to swallow his dick all in one move, all the way down his pole, see, and he gave up pretty easy then. I sucked him for another ten minutes, when he didn't even say anything, he just tensed fast and blew off in my mouth again, and I knew it for sure when he throbbed in me and filled me with another massive load of his never-ending spunk!I saved some of his nectar for his mouth and slipped it to him all sneaky on my tongue and watched his eyes open again two or three inches from mine as he tasted himself and my butt on my wet Lolitas Bbs tongue and lips, and I know I felt his cock stir again! My knees pushed his legs up and I turned my face just a little from his mouth to spit on my fingers so I could lube his ass, at least, not just shove it in dry.I poked Josh's boy-tight rim over and over, feeling him relax under my weight and focused on our hot kissing, see, I opened my mouth wide and covered his whole mouth and lips with my dripping face hole, and when Josh groaned in pleasure at the wetness I covered him with, I eased myself inside his tight glove of an asshole and penetrated him to my sticky pubes.All Josh did was wrap his legs around me and hug tighter and bare his teeth under my mouth, so I sucked on those pearly whites of his and chuckled deep down as I tasted that boy's sweet youth and really lost myself eating his mouth, especially those slick teeth of his.I have no idea how long it lasted, see. I was so far gone in our lovemaking that I just did it and did it with no thought but my love of his beautiful body and precious boy mind. It was like we were one person joined totally, sharing our beings all the way, and our mouths never parted the whole time, we breathed each other in and smelled each other's body juices and tasted each other.And I slowly, joyously screwed Josh's tight, sultry, queer butt until he whispered in my ear, "I'm coming, Tray! I'm coming! Oh, man, I'm not touching myself, Tray, and I'm coming! Yeahhhhhh!"He sent me off then, of course, whether I would have gone longer or not, I don't know, but I didn't even stroke it faster or anything, I just lost it and erupted inside Josh and panted my spit into his mouth with my exploding breath. It lasted so long, we were both drained and sagged there in each other's arms until we fell asleep.When I woke up, Josh's face was in my neck, his right arm around my shoulders, his left hand on my hip. I swallowed real happy, sleepy, and played with his soft, dry hair, and watched his sleeping little boy face in peace.
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